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  初中优秀英语作文:How to keep healthy 如何保持健康

  What is the most important thing in the world? I think it is health.You can take away our money, house, car, or even our clothes and we can survive. But if our health was taken away, we would surely die. That is why we always try to eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly.


  In order to eat healthily, I usually avoid eating food high in fat, like french fries or cookies. I also eat little meat. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of vitamins. Taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body. Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy.


  What's more, I think friends are an important part of one's health. Many studies show that people with a wide range of social contacts get sick less than those who don't. I always feel better when I am with friends than when I am alone. When I am with my friends, I always laugh. Laughing is also an important part of health. I like to laugh with my friends.


  By eating properly and exercising regularly, I can keep my body at a proper weight and keep healthy. By spending time with my friends, I can keep my mind as well as my body happy. These things sound easy to do, but not many people can manage them. I think a strong will is necessary if we want to keep healthy.


  初中优秀英语作文:My Hobby

  I am a 15-year-old student in junior Grade 3. Though I am occupied with my study, I would like to spend time on my hobbies, such as playing the piano, surfing the Internet.

  One of my favourite hobby is reading. Reading has been in my life for many years, since I began to learn characters. It can not only kill the time, but also, more important, help improve my comprehension ability. When reading, I can learn a lot. Reading Shakespear's works, I know how Hamlet looks like. Reading Scorates, I can see how great ancient Greek philosophers are. Reading Lu Xu, I come back to the old time of China.

  Reading really affect my life.


  I used to be a humble girl, the thing is that I am too humble, I always think that my ability is not good enough, but in fact, I am just not confident. One day, when I went back home after school, my mother asked me to help her, she had some problems with the computer. I helped her to solve her problems, she said I was so great, I knew so much things. Until then did I realize that I should be confident, I have ability to do some things. When people give me compliment, I will accept and say thank you, I am confident now. I believe in myself, I won’t be defeated by the difficulty.


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