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  优德w88官方:家庭是生存的关键,家庭照是家庭的象征。下面大家一起来欣赏一下《My family photo》这篇文章,希望大家喜欢!

关于家庭的英语作文:My family photo

  My family photo 

  Here is a picture of my family. We are all at home now. I am watching TV. The TV show is about sports. I like playing sports very much.My parents are cleaning in the hall.They are very busy every day.They are the best parents in the world. My grandfather is running. My grandmother is listening to a CD. My sister is making soup. It is very delicious. My pet is a cat. It is eating fish. Fish is its favorite food. My brother is using the computer. He is very clever and cute.

  My family is very happy!




关于家庭的英语作文:My family photo

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